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Jason Morgan

The art of Jason Morgan British Wildlife Artist

Site description: Wildlife art, originals and prints at very realistic prices. Online demos, book reviews, links and much more - an excellent art resource not to be missed!

Editors comment: Well what can I say?, these paintings are awesome, a well painted wildlife picture is something to behold and these are well painted. It goes without saying that most of us enjoy looking at these magnificent animals from the safety of our armchairs, I could not imagine facing up to anyone of these, and so when an artist such as this young man paints this type of picture I, and most of us, will thank him.

The artist has no problems with the drawing of these animals and so it follows that if the drawing is accurate then the painting has a good chance of success, these paintings are a complete success. Visit Jason Morgan Here.

Jason Morgan Wlidlife Artist

The mountain gorilla

The Mountain Gorilla Print - The Thinker painting above,  is just beautiful, you get the feeling you can touch him, or her, so realistic is the work that this huge animal really does look alive.

The first row: The 'Silver Back Gorilla' is something to appreciate, the painting is 'alive', as is the next one, the 'Tiger', again, awesome. Then the 'White Tiger', this is one of my favourites, it is beautiful.

The second row: The 'Giraffe with Oxpeckers' another painting that defies words. Well, the 'African Lion' is the king isn't he, these animals are magnificent, incredible. Last we have the 'Great Migration', if you have ever seen this spectacle on the TV then you will not need my words, a priceless scene.

I expect a number of photographs are taken with that sketch, below left, still too close for my comfort !! Visit Jason Morgan Here.

Jason Morgan Wlidlife Artist

The artist at work

This large image gives us an insight into how the artist 'builds' his paintings, the size of the work is quite incredible.

Visit Jason Morgan Here.

The third row of images: Has the biggest animal of them all at the beginning, 'The Elephant', what can I say Jason's paintings do all the talking, they really do. Next another 'Lion', this time after the kill, it might look gruesome but that's wildlife, it's simply their dinner. Now 'The Cheetah', the fastest animal on the planet, I think, just look how the artist has captured the movement, incredible.

The last row comprises: The next picture is a close up of part of the 'Great Migration'. The 'Siberian Tiger', well, Jason actually goes into their territory to gather his work, his photo's, sketches, all of it, imagine looking into this animals eyes. Isn't the 'African Leopard' a creature of pure beauty. This artist creates and then lets all of us look at it, I consider that a privilege.

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