Paintings And Prints by British Artists

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Visitor Information

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All artists and visitors please take note of the following.

Due to my failing health Paintings and Prints will close on the 9th December 2014.

This decision has been reached extremely reluctantly as I started this site in 2000 mainly for the benefit of artists and of course the ability to reach more visitors. The site has ranked No1 in Google searches for British artists for many years and I am proud of that.

The domain names - - - and may be available after December the 9th, enquiries can be
made through e-mail : 

So as a final word to all my visitors and artists I say thank you for your loyal support.

Paintings and Prints by British Artists

holly-scotlandWe set high moral standards and this site can be viewed by you and your children safely.

Should you find a site which offends you for whatever reason we would like you to tell us about it, you can do that by clicking this link. Thank you,  lease enjoy your time with us.

Register with us now, Registration is FREE. Once registered you can return time and again and check out the Art eBooks. For registered users you can now download a FREE eBook it is in PDF format and is readable in most eBook readers so please enjoy it, click the title to go to the download pageIntroduction to Canvas Painting this link opens in a new window.

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Paintings and Prints Blog Articles

We are pleased to be able to offer our visitors, artists and members of the public, the chance of reading high quality articles in our new 'Our Blog' page.
The blog will be updated on a regular basis and we think you will enjoy what you see, we certainly hope so, feel free to leave your comments if you feel you have something to say. 

For all artists, submit your high quality original articles for more credibility and traffic back to your own site, join us by contacting us here. Article Blog submission Enquiry and we will get back to you with publisher login details.

How to Paint Animals Fur - Tutorial by top Wildlife artist Jason Morgan

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To see our latest blog article by celebrated UK wildlife artist Jason Morgan just follow the link to the full demo, you won't be disapointed.

Snow Leopard Painting - (Oil on Canvas)

This painting is almost monochromatic and uses very opaque paints rather like an Elephant painting. And for that reason I have jumped straight in and not even bothered with a tonal underpainting. Although I could have done one if I had wanted too. The colours used were Lamp Black, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna and White. All brushed in with a large flat bristle brush. The eyes in this painting are the real centre of interest....... READ FULL DEMO >> >> >>

Last Updated on Monday, 17 February 2014 16:04

Featured Artist

Link to the website of Contemporary artist Stella Dunkley

Featured Artist

  • Site name: Contemporary artist Stella Dunkley
  • Site description: Original contemporary seascape and sunset paintings.
  • Editors comment: I have known this artist for many years now and I can honestly say that Stella's subject diversity never fails to amaze me. Whether you want a painting of an animal, or pet, or a stunning sunset she will provide. I have chosen this painting, 'The Boat IV', just because of it's complexity, in that I mean the composition. The way the work has been split into three, I just like it. The thinking behind the boat and it's position is different to what you would expect, the mast disappearing out of the frame! For a variety of superb paintings visit the artist and see for yourself.

Updated artists details

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Link to the website of artist Laura Fulner.
  • Site Name: Art by Laura Fulner
  • Site description: Original artwork from versatile Devon based artist
  • Editors comment: I have chosen this painting, 'Jersey Lily' because it uses such vibrant colour, Laura paints in a bold style using strong and vibrant colour. The way the reds 'bleed' into the lovely yellows, a delicate touch to the edges of the petals give the flower life, all this set against cool blue/greens that have a dark background. The artist has many different paintings, I mean completely different to this one here, and just goes to show how versatile she is. I honestly can recommend Laura's paintings, you should enjoy them all, I did.
  • Laura Fulner
Link to the website of overseas guest artist Pat Harrison
  • Site Name: Landscape Art
  • Site Description: Original paintings and drawings as well as prints of land and seascapes of Devon, Cornwall, Austria, and Germany
  • Editors comment: You will see from Pat's work that he spends some time in England, as with the image on the left, it is of Lands End has been drawing in coloured pencil on fine art Hahnemuehle paper. With the original painting you can see how the artist applies the oil pastel and achieves the blending nicely using a tissue. This is a lovely painting and I can recommend that you pay him a visit, you won't be disappointed, you will also be able to see the detail more closely.
  • Pat Harrison  Overseas guest visitor

All New Artists

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Link to the website of artist Hollie Slaughter 
  • Site Name: Hollie The Artist
  • Site Description: My website showcases my art - paintings, drawings, sketches and my development work. Prints are also available to buy.
  • Editors comment: This artist seems to paint almost everything she sees that gives her inspiration, be it something as ordinary as an old phone box or a jar of buttons.. yes buttons. The use of colour as a vibrant medium is excellent, take the buttons for example, full of colour, bright, beautiful even. Hollie also displays black and whit work, the list is endless so please pay her a visit and be prepared to spend some time there, I did.. Beautiful and skillful.
  • Hollie Slaughter
  • sample-2  This site is listed in the Oils - Landscape and Floral category
Link to the website of artist Diane Young.
  • Site Name: Manic Illustrations - Diane Young
  • Site Description: Artist Illustrator Diane Young of Manic Illustrations creating Paintings, Prints, Pet Commissions, animals & mythology.
  • Editors comment: Everything I find on this artists website is original, some amusing as well. I have chosen this painting because it really does show the quality of the work. When an artist like Diane is asked to paint a pet for someone it really is a challenge because the pet owner knows the animal so well, the artist doesn't, anyway, Diane paints animals perfectly. I can recommend you take a look, you will be surprised as well as impressed. 
  • Diane Young
  • sample-2  This site is listed in the Acrylic - Animals and Wildlife category
Link to the artist Sarah Napier-Fenning's website.
  • Site Name: The Pilothouse Gallery - Pet Portraits
  • Site Description: Beautiful Pet Portraits from photographs by Sarah Napier-Fenning
  • Editors comment:  What lovely pet portraits Sarah paints. In the very difficult medium of coloured pencils she makes things look easy. This terrific little Jack Rusell, the painting shows the character of this, dare I say cheeky, little dog to perfection. The position of the pet shows the technical drawing to be precise, everything is in proportion and looks just 'right', I would be well pleased to purchase a painting from Sarah knowing the care she takes. If you are a pet owner why not pay a visit, is it too early to be thinking of Christmas? No it isn't... so here could be a surprise for someone..
  • Sarah Napier-Fenning
  • sample-2  This site is listed in the Coloured Pencils category
Link to the website of artist Andy Mercer
  • Site Name: Andy Mercer's Art
  • Site Description: Artist from north west England
  • Editors comment: An artist who lets his paintings do the talking. This work here is the absolute opposit of some of his others, this suggests he paints straight from the heart what he feels at any given moment, a rare truth these days where many artists paint what they think people want to see, a huge difference. In some of Andy's 'drawings' section I see work that confirms my thoughts, an artist well worth visiting.
  • Andy Mercer
  • sample-2  This site is listed in the Art Prints category
Link to the website of artist Louise Brooks
  • Site Name: Louise Brooks Art
  • Site description: Louise Brooks is a contemporary artist specialising in Seascapes, Flowers and Abstract mixed media paintings.
  • This artist paints with what I can only describe as a 'fresh look', the work is original, and importantly it isn't 'over-worked'. Nice, clear pastel colours are pleasant on the eye, not only that but you could hang this work on almost any wall and it would look great, pay the artist a visit and see more like this..
  • Louise Brooks
  • sample-2  This site is listed in the Mixed Media - Marine and Seascape category
Link to the website of Phoenix Art
  • Site Name: Phoenix Art
  • Site Description:  Welcome to our UK art print and original art Site. Original Art direct from the artist. Unique works of original art don
  • Editors comment: A very busy site I think,  with far to much work on display for me to even  try and describe in any detail, except this one here. Valentino Rossi, is a racer that I am familier with, I will simply say that the painting is excellent, perfect in fact. The gallery is run by two devoted artists, I say devoted because they mu spen every waking minute painting, or printing. An excellent site that I can recommend to you.
  • Phoenix Art
  • sample-2  This site is listed in the Art Prints category

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